Why Moisey Petrovich?

…Not only to chant in psaltic notes, but to be able to compose and write too. And wholeheartedly to transfer to them the entire his mastery, and not to hide anything (…) and that he should neither quit nor leave them (…) until his students are fully trained…

The contract between metropolitan Vikentios and hieromonk Anatolios 1732


First psaltic-chatners school in Belgrade was founded in 1731. The most famous teachers were a well known monk Anatolios from Athonite Vatopedi monastery and, deacon Ioasaf. Psalic-chanters School Moisey Petrovich has revived the work of the first Belgrade School of Byzantine music in 2012 as the part of the Society for Nurturing Musical Heritage – Moisey Petrovich.

Following the tradition of the school chanting, sprung from the Greek school in Belgrade, Psaltic-chanters school Moisey Petrovich is closely associated with the Hellenic Found for Culture in Belgrade.

Our mission is to study the theory and practice of Byzantine music, primarily for the purposes of liturgy, and in a broader sense, to raise awareness of our shared cultural heritage. Psaltic-chanters School Moisey Petrovich provides a five-year education for church chanter according to official curriculum of music schools and conservatories in Greece.

School trains future cantors in reading byzantine notation, mastering modes of ecclesiastic chant in theory and practice, the Byzantine style of interpretation and chanting liturgical hymns, both in Church Slavonic and Greek. At the end of five years of education, students take a final exam and receive а charter.